1996, the discovering:

At 10 years old, I have received my first Instamatic Kodak: first rally and first picture … my learning is starting!

2006, 20 years old, the revelation:


Student in Nantes, my friends and I have decided to go without luggage to the 24H of Le Mans. It was the end the school year, the summer was coming, bringing with him the summer break and barbecues! During all the weekend, I have kept my camera close to me. With my numerical Reflex, I have taken many pictures, just like a crazy man. The aim was to obtain the most beautiful pictures and to cover up the wire fences – you should know how much they could screw up a picture! It was the first participation and victory of the TDI Audi. According to me, it was an incredible night, under the stars, cradled by distant motors sounds. A memorable weekend, full of images, colors, sounds and smells … This year I have fixed to myself a goal: being on the track.



2016, 30 years old, the achievement:


In 2010, after many emails, calls, reminders and determination, I have found a blog dedicated to the automobile universe. It has accepted to publish my some pictures taking during the weekend of the Reims Excellence, which took place on the old circuit of Reims-Gueux. 2012 will be the year of my first publication of 24H of Le Mans pictures.

At this moment, I never give up!

I had to be patient, but in 2014, I have realized my first pictures within a contract. The same year, I was inviting by Loeb Events to participate to WTCC on Paul Ricard circuit. Two months later, I have taking pictures for Oreca Events during the 24H of Le Mans … I was closed to my goal!

2015 will be the achievement. My partners and I have created a trust collaboration. They contribute to my career evolution as a photographer. All these experiences allowed me to gain self-confidence, improve my sight and to improve my technique. They also give me the possibility to buy efficient tools dedicated to the motorsports universe.

In 2016, for the first time, I was happy to be accrediting as a media photographer for the 24H of Le Mans. After 10 years, I have finally fulfilled my dream! :-)